A Critical Analysis of Leadership


This essay is a critical analysis of one significant experience and/or challenge that demonstrates leadership skills. This should be a specific incident or situation that is clinically-based and typically focus on something that did not go as intended. As part of this analysis you are required to examine how the experience made you feel and how you have grown and developed leadership skills as a result of the experience. It should be honest and include details to support the leadership skills you are discussing in your essay. Throughout this paper, you need to clearly support your analysis, thoughts and ideas with references from the literature. A good critical analysis essay should help you to understand yourself and/or the experience as you compare it to the leadership theory discussed in class or the literature. Theoretical references may come from the literature related to leadership theory, decision-making, critical thinking, power, conflict management, and change management theory. Essay must be written in the first person.

A minimum of four (4) different reference resources and eight in-text citations are required and must be drawn from journal readings available from the library as well as the listed leadership textbook. Below you will find some questions to consider as you analyze one significant experience and/or challenge. • Examine and analyze the experience and/or challenge. How did this experience impact, shape and change you? How have you evolved and developed from the experience? • What were the leadership characteristics or qualities you witnessed and/or experienced? Why were they important? • Expand on why these characteristics and qualities are required by nurse leaders and nursing leadership roles? • Draw from the topics and theory discussed in week 1-3. Think about the reading and theory reviewed in class—Did the experience make you think any differently about your role as a nurse and the role as a leader? • What is your understanding of the leadership theory? Can you apply these concepts to specific event you experienced or witnessed? • What actions and strategies will you implement to ensure you remain a competent practicing nurse and demonstrate leadership in nursing practice? What are some of the strategies you may use in the future if you were to encounter a similar experience and/or challenge? • What are the leadership skills you need to work on and develop? How will you develop your leadership skills and qualities that you will need for your future nursing practice? *Please proof read and carefully edit your paper, and follow APA format.


Approximately 250 words