Accreditation, Standards and Professional Development


The Discussions in this course include several components. You may not be able to address all of these questions in a single post. You will need to plan to return to the Discussion several times during the week to weigh in on the questions. Please make sure you do so as part of both original posts as well as in replies to your classmates. Remember that your grade for the Discussion Board comprises both original postings and your contributions through replies. Both are great places to introduce new information, opinions, links, etc., and both are equally IMPORTANT to your grade.

As a leader in higher education, you need to be knowledgeable about accrediting bodies, professional and occupational associations, and standards and the impact they have on curriculum. Make sure you read this document, and then do research on accreditation and accrediting bodies before answering this Discussion question.

Professional schools within a college or university have their own standards and required competencies that are mandated by the profession. For example, The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc. (NLNAC): has established clear standards for nursing curriculum at all levels, from practical, diploma, and baccalaureate through graduate nursing degrees.

Based on the Reading for this week, as well as your outside readings, please respond to the following questions:

What accrediting associations (regional and possibly specialized) will impact the new program of study you are developing for your course project?
If you are developing an online or hybrid program, does the accreditation association have specific guidelines or requirements for online programs? How will these impact your plans?
What does it mean to teach to standards? Do all disciplines have to teach to standards? What professional associations will influence your curriculum as you develop your program of study?
What will you do, as department CHAIR, to assure that your faculty are teaching to the standards set by the program and accrediting bodies?


Approximately 250 words