Advanced Practice Nursing Role in Society


Philosophy paper:
Criteria for Evaluation Points Comments
Body of Paper (8 points)
1. Identify general values related to the nature of humankind and society. (2)
a. What is advanced practice nursing?
b. What is the APRNs role in society?
c. What purpose does the APRNs fulfill?
2. Delineate values that relate to the profession of nursing. (2)
a. What characteristics are most important for the APRN to have?
3. Discuss the philosophical underpinnings of advanced practice nursing. (4)
a. Does the APRN follow a nursing model?
b. Does the APRN follow a medical model?
c. Is it both? Why?

Format (2 points)

1. Grammar: No technical errors or typos
2. Level of Writing: Appropriate level for graduate level
3. APA style: Correct format for page setup, headings, citations and references (if used)
4. Page Length: 750-1000 words (not including references or any attachments)
Total Points

Evaluator: ____________________________________________________________________

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Approximately 250 words