Analyze the significance of the research interventions


Each student will submit a well-constructed and evidence-based paper (7 pages) with seven (7) sections based on the selected healthcare problem (Breast Cancer management in female population).Students are to follow APA format for the paper in its entirety. The paper should include the following headings:

Background: of the work (Breast cancer in female population). This part need to talk about the four articles research and how this research is relevant in health care especially in nursing

Healthcare Problem: Formulate a research questions related to breast cancer education and included specific data about education found on the research, location of the articles etc.(see articles in attachments).

Literature Review: the paper must specify the purpose of discovering evidence-based practices. The paper must reflect the most important points of the articles and needs to support with the statistics found inside the four articles the information.

Research Design Comparison: Specify the differences between the interventions found in the four articles and if the interventions found in the four articles are currently in use or proposed for future used that addressed the problems and the recommendations to improve the problem.The design comparison must be focus on the information content in the table. (See attachment)

Significance of Research and EBP in Nursing Care: Analyze the significance of the research interventions and how these interventions influence to nursing care.

Conclusion: Mentioned if the four articles research has validity since nursing care point of view.

Can you put for example as conclusion that teaching girls in teenagers years is a good key to prevent breast cancer for the future.

References page

Power Point: The power point must also present the research data, including contrast and comparison of both qualitative and quantitative research articles used during literature review. Presentation is to also contain details regarding the research design, methods, findings, and future recommendations for clinical practice. The power point must summarized main points mentioned in the final paper. Should contain 12 slides and which are not included the presentations slide and the thank you note slide. Also should include full notes that the we are going to use as a guide in order to expose the power point. Should be in APA format.


Approximately 250 words