Application of teaching and learning


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Must have this book:
Bastable, S. (2014). Nurse as educator: Principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice 4th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
? Read Chapters 10 ? 13
? Review page 433 Power Point Slide guidelines
Develop a Teaching plan as a power point presentation for your learner based on identified learning needs. Implement planned instructions, demonstrating the ability to use teaching techniques based on learning theory/principles.
Learner characteristics: 34-year old, female community organizer working with out-of-school youth. She is Caucasian, single with a bachelor?s degree in psychology from a local university. She is currently taking a certificate course in public administration. The learner is an adult and as stated by Piaget?s theory on cognitive development, belongs to the formal operational stage (Bastable, 2014). More specifically, the learner in this case is in the young adulthood stage. It could be said that she has practically reached the highest level of cognitive and physical capacity. A learner in the formal operational stage is able to utilize symbols and relate them with abstract concepts. A formal operational learner is able to understand multiple variables and comprehend them systematically, is able to formulate hypotheses, and conclude relationships between and among concepts or symbols. Thus, in contrast to childhood learning, adult learning deals mostly with problem solving. Adult learners are motivated to learn so that they can concretely apply their skills and knowledge in solving urgent problems in employment, family, and other activities (Bastable, 2014).
One slide for each context following the grading criteria:
? Overview: Provide a brief overview of the topic of your choice with evidence based practice findings.

? Purpose: define purpose of teaching (One sentence)

? Goal: Goal reflects desired outcomes of learning.

? Behavioral objectives: 3 behavioral objectives are identified and written according to the textbook (chapter 10). (Appropriate examples of behavior objectives, review page 393 for appropriate verbs.

? Instructional Methods: Identify learning activities you would incorporate for your target learner to increase participation, learning and retention in addition to your power point.
Identify the appropriate objective/s that the learning activity will meet.
List what tools you will use in addition to power point (pages 506-510, 479-503)
What objective will be met by the use of this tool with the learner? Suggested example of format: commercial, printed handouts.

Content: refer to expectation of brevity and clarity(484). Use outline format of content headings. Useonly one pharse/word,symbol/image per slide for future professional presentations.
Grading criteria
1- Overview is informative, relevant to the assignment with evidence-based practice cited, reflective of Power Point Slide requirements (statements concise, readable and succinct). content exceeds with relevant information pertinent to learner and reflective of slide requirement.
2- Written purpose reflects textbook example of the psychomotor domain (why, who, what you are teaching). Succinct one statement reflecting your purpose. Statement reflects the textbook example of the psychomotor domain (why, who, what you are teaching). Meets module objectives and demonstrates scholarly knowledge of learner needs.
3- Written goal describes the final outcome of what is achieved at the end of the teaching earning process. Succinct one statement reflecting the achievement & reflects textbook examples. Statement reflects the final outcome that is realistically achievable, meets learning objectives and demonstrates advanced student learning.
4- Written behavioral objectives (3) reflects textbook 4-part method (condition, learner, performance, and criterion). Objectives exceed required number with each reflecting the 4-part method and demonstrate scholarly.
5- Instructional Methods List of methods appropriate to learner and reflective of specific objective/s that is met. Required number of methods exceeded with each method specific to an objective.
6- Each component of the teaching plan should reflect effective communication for your target learner.
Use of creativity, language, and outline structure should facilitate the learning of your learner. Content should be clear, concise, brief and specific in outline/list format requiring learner to listen.
Sequence follows logical progression for learning.
Colors, formats, fonts and print should be legible.
Readability and suitability appropriate for learner with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.
Writing style allows for clear communication of thoughts through logical presentation appropriate to learner with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Content Outline Power Point slide of Content is in outline form. Graphics suitable for learner, color allows readability. thoughts are logically organized appropriate to learner without errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Content is in outline form that defines specific learning activities of topic. Graphics increases learning with color enhancing the effect.
7- APA Style Citations/References Content is supported by proper citation and use of 4 references following the APA Manual. APA format used for all citations and reference listings with no errors.


Approximately 250 words