ASSESSMENT AND PLANNING develop skills in the formulation of a mental health/trauma assessment, and a subsequent plan for engagement and treatment.

Final Assignment: Assessment and Planning The educational goal of this assignment is to develop skills in the formulation of a mental health/trauma assessment, and a subsequent plan for engagement and treatment

Subject of Paper

The subject of your paper should be either a specific client (whether from your experience or fictionalized), a class/group of clients (such as an ethnic group, an age range, or survivors of a particular sort of trauma), or an organization/institution that deals with mentally ill persons or trauma survivorsThe choice of subject dictates the shape of the paper and should be tailored to your interests and expertiseWriting about a specific case will create a comprehensive clinical assessment and treatment plan paperWriting about a class or group of clients will generate a more academic assessment and planning/program design paperWriting about an organization/institution will require a more systems-focused assessment and more policy-level interventions

Part 1: Assessment (4–5 pages)Clearly identify the subject of your paper and describe how mental illness/trauma can affect/has effected the subject. Utilize theory and frameworks from our reading and from your clinical/policy coursework as applicable to support your assessment and analysis of the subject’s needs, strengths, and vulnerabilities.Part 2: Planning (4–5 pages)Describe what sorts of actions and interventions you would pursue with the subject in order to address the issues raised in part one. Justify your interventions based on the theories utilized in Part 1. Describe anticipated results; including resistances, challenges, and ways of defining/measuring success.Some Examples:A skilled nursing facility discovers that two different clients are struggling with addiction to prescription opiates. What structural responses to this situation can best serve to assess if this issue is being addressed with the residents? What sorts of education serve best to provide staff and clients with how to identify and address substance abuse among the elderly?A nine-year old Latina girl is a client at a foster agency. She has been shuttled among multiple placements because of acting-out behaviors that are related to abuse and neglect from her biological mother. How might these issues be addressed by a social worker to help reduce issues in placement? What would a treatment plan look like?A young man and his parents come to you for assistance in developing a Psychiatric Advance Directive after three closely-spaced psychiatric hospitalizat 11/23/2018 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/5 His parents feel that this arrangement provides security for the future; the young man fears having no control over his treatment options. How might you proceed?The issue of sexual abuse of children is a difficult one to identify and address within Orthodox Jewish Communities. What are the specific strengths and challenges in dealing with this issue with Orthodox clients? What sorts of intervention and treatment have been successful, and What type of special considerations need to be taken into account when dealing with Orthodox clients?The clinical director of a substance abuse clinic discovers that major depressive disorder is a unifying factor among a high number of clients who drop out of outpatient treatment prematurely. What factors within the agency could be affecting this process? What types of programmatic and policy interventions could support more effective practices with clients struggling with depression?The assignment must be typed and double- spaced. Maximum length: 10 pages. Please use APA style for citation and references


Approximately 250 words