Assessment Research article critique


800 words

Trainer to provide research article for review.

Competency assessment assessment to identify attainment of these competencies.

Submission date to be advised.

Identify a need for research into health issues

Monitoring issues in nursing practice to identify potential areas for research

Identifying issues relating to principles of best practice and quality management in practice as potential areas for research

Working with an awareness of factors that influence health care and may benefit from research

Identify client-related issues in participating in research

Identifying physical and emotional support needs of clients to be involved in research

Identifying individual client values and perceptions in relation to participating in research

Identifying the emotional and physical needs of family and significant others in supporting the client to participate in research

Undertake a critical analysis of planned research

Identifying ethical and cultural considerations when planning nursing research

Identifying appropriate research methodology to address the research topic, type of data collection and analysis to be undertaken and potential uses of the data

Analysing the implications of the research in relation to validity, efficacy and cost effectiveness

Assessment two Literature review (800 words)

Competency assessment- assessment to identify attainment of these competencies.

Develop a research proposal in consultation/ collaboration with others

Conducting a literature review and analyse the results

Selecting an appropriate methodology and data collection process

Ensuring ethics approval for research is obtained as required

Developing a schedule of events and funding required

Outlining validation and evaluation strategies

Describing data analysis rationale and method

Developing a response to possible barriers to the research

Describing the method of dissemination of research findings

Assessment three Research proposal (1000 words)

Competency assessment- assessment to identify attainment of these competencies.

Applying an appropriate research approach to nursing practice within the scope of the Enrolled/Div 2 Nurse

Applying appropriate ethical principles and practices in relation to consent and confidentiality of research information

Using nursing research methodologies and resources appropriately

Participating in data collection for nursing research

Contributing to research toward continuous improvement programs

Will you be able to help me with these assignments. My topic is Malnutrition in older people in aged care and it should be based on 5 research articles(3 Global and 2 Australian)


Approximately 250 words