Assignment 3: First Draft of Policemen of the World Paper

Assignment 3: First Draft of Policemen of the World Paper

Due Week 7 and worth 60 points

It is common knowledge that by the twentieth century, the United States had become the dominant force in international relations. Some have argued that the United States’ military functions as the world’s police. This assignment covers the manner in which this shift occurred and the consequences that the United States faces as a result of its elevated status.

Use the Internet to research two (2) real-life international incidents from the past five (5) years in which:

•The U.S. used military action abroad
•Controversy existed within the American public regarding U.S. involvement
•Controversy existed within the country or countries affected by U.S. involvement
Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

1.Outline the two (2) real-life international incidents that you have researched.
2.Identify two (2) factors that propelled America into a dominant military and diplomatic force after World War II.
3.Compare and contrast the key differences in American foreign policy before and after World War II. Explain the main reasons why the differences in pre- and post-war policy occurred. Provide a rationale for your response.
4.Describe the manner in which the justifications used for America’s overseas involvement during World War II still play a role in U.S. military action abroad. Provide an example of such justifications in action to support your response.
5.Discuss the fundamental ways in which the rise of the United States to a world superpower has shaped the country’s responses to the following issues on the home front:
-Domestic spending

-Fourth Amendment protections

-Americans’ choice of leaders in Congress and the White House


Approximately 250 words