Assignment Details Translating Evidence into Clinical Practice


textbook Readings Primary Care: Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing, 4th ed. Chapter 4: “The Art of Diagnosis and Treatment” Chapter 5: “Evidence-Based Practice” Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases Recommended Reading: ABC’s of Interpretive Laboratory Data Pink Book: Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases Library Help: Resources to help you navigate the online library include: CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Retrieved from Web Resources ● Standards of Practice for Culturally Competent Nursing Care Executive Summary, Transcultural Nursing Society: (2011). Retrieved from

● Graduate Nursing Education.Org (2017). Retrieved from

● The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)(2017). Retrieved from Assignment Details Translating Evidence into Clinical Practice Choose one evidence-based practice that you see yourself using as a provider in your clinical practice and discuss how it meets the listed benefits. Why should we, as healthcare providers, use evidence-based practice? Evidence-based practice benefits: Leads to highest quality care and patient outcomes Reduces health care costs Reduces geographic variations in the delivery of care Increases healthcare provider empowerment and role satisfaction Reduces healthcare provider turnover rate Increases reimbursement from 3rd party payers Reduces complications and payment denials Meets the expectation of an informed public Include 3 evidence-based articles to support your work that are less than 3 years old. Before finalizing your work, you should: be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above); consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Home) to make sure you have included everything necessary; and utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors. Your writing Assignment should: follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.); be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful; display superior content, organization, style; and use APA 6th Edition format as outlined in the APA Progression Ladder. How to Submit: Submit your Assignment to the unit Dropbox before midnight on the last day of the unit. When you are ready to submit your Assignment, select the unit Dropbox then attach your file. Make sure to save a copy of the Assignment you submit.


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