Atrial Fibrillation/Ventricular Tachycardia/Complete Heart Block


2000 Word Essay
Select one topic from the list below. Choose a cardiac disorder within the broad topic that is of specific interest to you.
1.Select a cardiac arrhythmia from the list below and discuss the holistic care of the patient provided by the registered nurse. Critical thinking must be evident throughout the paper and discussion should cover the criteria/identification of arrhythmia, causative factors, presentation and relevant treatment modalities or options
? Atrial Fibrillation
? Ventricular Tachycardia
? Complete Heart Block
2.The use of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) and thrombolytics has been shown to have benefits for patients being treated for ST Elevated Acute Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). Discuss the nursing care associated with thrombolytic drug therapy and PCI including rationale and evidence based practice.
3.Select a cardiac medication category (i.e. betablockers, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, etc) and critically discuss the relevant nursing management of patients being treated with these medications. Discussion should involve medication action, adverse effects and relevant nursing care to ensure patient safety and effective treatment(desired effects).
4.Cardiac Rehabilitation has been shown to improve patient outcomes post cardiac event. Critically review and discuss the literature to support or refute this statement.
? In- text citations is required.
? Use APA referencing.
? Turnitin will be used for this assessment.

Above Average Exceptional
(4 points)
Language fluent., very good
expression, mature language
and writing style
Grammar & spelling accurate
(5 points)
Excellent expression,
sophisticated language and
writing style.
Grammar & spelling always

Introduction (4 points)
Strong introduction with
specific statement of purpose
and direction for the essay
(5 points)
Excellent, creative, specific

Conclusion (4 points)
Well justified conclusion that
summarizes key concepts
(5 points)
Well justified and integrated

Organization of answer
(7 points)
Good organisation of answer.
Coherent, generally links the
concepts/theories to the essay
(10 points)
Exceptional organisation of
answer. Consistently links the
theoretical concepts with the
topic in a logical, concise and
ordered fashion

Content & Knowledge
Extent to which the paper
addresses all aspects of
the question
(30 points)
Reasonable knowledge of the
topic and an awareness of a
variety of ideas and contexts
relating to the topic.
Key concepts are well defined
and referred to throughout the

(40 points)
knowledge and understanding
of the topic and the relevant
theories/concepts used Key concepts are well defined,
explored and interwoven
throughout the essay.

Argument & Evidence (15 points)
Clear application of theory
through critical
analysis / critical thought of the topic area
Focused ideas and arguments
that are well supported and
(20 points)
Consistently demonstrates
application of critical analysis
of the topic area. Arguments
are focused, very well
constructed and

Use of Literature (7 points)
Able to critically appraise the
literature & theory gained from
variety of academic sources
that are used well to support
(10 points)
Has developed & justified
using own ideas based on a
comprehensive range of
academic sources which have
been thoroughly analysed,
applied & discussed

References (4 points)
Literature cited is highly
relevant yet not extensive.
is accurate with
minimal errors.
complies with
(5 points)
Literature cited is highly
relevant and extensive.
Referencing is consistently
accurate and complies with


Approximately 250 words