Computer company entering China 1,)Provide an overview of the country (china) level competitiveness.

Computer company entering China1,)Provide an overview of the country (china) level competitiveness. Utilizing Porter’s Diamond of National Competitiveness framework list the country’s factor endowment, the existence of related and supporting industries, national level demand conditions, and the structure and rivalry inherent in the national marketplace.¬†2.)Provide an analysis of the country level competitiveness as measured by the World Economic Forum. This analysis should include how the country fares with regard to the current pillars of competitiveness identified by WEF and how trend in competitiveness at the national level. Highlight competitive advantages the country has along with those areas where the country lags significantly behind.3.)The third part of this section should include an analysis of the innovation potential of the country.¬†Sustainable competitiveness depends on innovation and when a firm decides to enter and invest into a country its innovation system plays a role it is long term success by facilitating local innovation and value creation. The analysis of the country level innovation competitiveness may be based on national level indicators of innovation including expenditures on research and development, the rate of domestic and international patenting, resources and infrastructure provided by government to support innovation.The INSEAD – Cornell – WIPO Global Innovation Index provides a comprehensive database of innovation indicators and country level analysis and provides an excellent resource for understanding innovation at the country and regional level.


Approximately 250 words