Consider The Use Of Performance Incentives And Merit Pay To Recognize

Voicemail from Jason Galvan Jason: Hey, Traci, this is Jason Galvan. I wanted to talk to you about getting some recommendations for pay and benefits strategies. I have a list of some things I’d like you to keep in mind. I can send you the list if you need me to, but I’ll just summarize it for you real quick. One: We want to be comparable to other international hotel chains. Two: Because we’re expanding into India, make sure the strategies will work well there. I’m sure those strategies will have to be different from those we use in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Three: Again, we plan to add an additional 20% to our current workforce of 25,000 employees. Four: We have an annual net revenue of $100,000,000. Finally, we expect our current 15% revenue growth to stay the same, at least for the first year. I think that’s it. If you could use that information to give me some recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much, and talk to you soon.
———–I need you to develop some compensation and benefit recommendations for the client. Don’t forget to check the Client Communications link to see a copy of my communications with the client regarding this issue. In your recommendation, make sure you do the following: • Create a total compensation and benefits strategy. • Consider the use of performance incentives and merit pay to recognize and engage employees


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