Describe the purpose of employee contracts and industrial relations.

Question 1:
Describe three strategies that the HR department could consider to address instances of unacceptably high staff turnover in the organisation.
Question 2:
You have noted that succession planning is not being focussed on at Citistores. You strongly believe that this strategy should be included in the new Workforce Plan and implemented into the organisation.
Draft a professional email to your CEO, to gain support for this initiative to be included in the Workforce Plan.
Ensure that you explain:
a) what succession planning entails
b) what succession planning offers to the organisation and to its employees
c) why there is a need to implement this initiative in Citistores
d) recommendations on how this initiative will be implemented into the organisation
You must motivate and support your request to ensure that you gain senior management support and approval to go ahead.
Question 3:
Develop 8 key questions or statements for rating, that you would include in an employee survey when trying to gauge the organisational climate on worker satisfaction. Provide reasons why you think each of your questions or statements would be relevant.
Question 4:
Zak Callaghan, the department manager of Men’s Fashion, has emailed you with a query regarding maximum working hours. Gayle Potter, his assistant manager, will be taking unpaid leave for the next 6 months and he would like to offer his supervisor, Henry Harris, the opportunity of acting in her role. Zak would like to appoint Henry on a 40 hour per week contract but he is not sure if this is possible. Draft your response to Zak and provide him with the following information in the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Award, which deals with the maximum weekly hours that an employee is required to work.
Include the following in your summary:
• The appropriate section/part of the legislation and the Award that deals with the topic
• The maximum weekly hours that can be worked in a week
• What may be deemed as reasonable or unreasonable additional hours
• Whether Henry can refuse to work these additional hours
Question 5:Provide a summary, in your own words, to reflect your understanding of the ‘safety net of employee entitlements’, as set out in the Fair Work Information Statement. Your summary must:
• Include a brief description on the 10 National Employment Standards.
• Explain why it is important for all employers to provide a copy of this statement to newly recruited employees.
Question 6:Provide a summary of your understanding of the provisions in the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 that apply to unlawful discrimination in the workplace, and which must be applied to the recruitment and selection of applicants and employees at Citistores. Include a range of appropriate / relevant sections of the Act to support your response.
Question 7:
a) Summarise your understanding of the following, in your own words:
i. The provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1984 which relate to employer duties for training employees. Include the appropriate/relevant sections of the Act in your response.
ii. The name and the intent of the applicable Code of Practice established under the OHS Act that applies to working hours arrangements and training.
b) Explain the impact that the requirements set out in the legislation discussed above (4a (i) and (ii)) have on Citistores’ recruitment, selection and induction processes.
Question 8:Identify and describe at least three examples of business objectives highlighted Citistores’ Strategic Plan that may impact on recruitment, selection and induction activities to be undertaken by the HR department in the near future. Include brief details on at least three relevant Citistores policies that will support these HR recruitment activities.
Question 9:Describe the following recruitment processes, using your own words, and briefly explain how you might go about each of them when filling a vacancy at Citistores:
a) Internal recruitment methods – include at least 3 examples
b) External recruitment methods – include at least 5 examples – one example must address Assessment Centres.
Assessment 1: Part B
Question 1:
a) Explain the concept of outsourcing as well as its associated risks, using your own words.
b) Research and identify an organisation which provides recruitment services. Include a brief overview of the provider’s available services, in your own words, and explain when and why Citistores might consider outsourcing its recruitment processes to this organisation.
Question 2:
If Citistores was to recruit for a new HR Manager, which psychometric tests and skills tests would you recommend including? Briefly describe at least three tests you have identified as suitable, using your own words. Explain the relevance of each of the three tests you have recommended, as part of the selection process for this role.
Question 3: Research examples of software packages or applications that can be introduced and used at Citistores, to assist with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its recruitment and selection processes. In your own words, provide an overview of the functionality and benefits of one of the packages and explain how it might be useful for Citistores in managing the recruitment and selection processes.
Question 4:
a) Describe the purpose of employee contracts and industrial relations.
b) Explain why terms and conditions of employment are an important aspect of recruitment.
Question 5: You have received an enquiry from a new employee, Rex, who is unsure about the purpose and process of the probation period for new employees, and is unclear on what role the manager should be playing during this time.
Draft a professional response to Rex, via email and:
• outline the intent of the probation period
• include details on the benefits of probation periods to the employer and the employee
• explain the steps that manager needs to follow with their new employees, from the beginning to the end of the probationary period
• include the manager’s responsibilities during this time
• provide information on the role of the employee during their probationary period
• explain the range of documentation that is required to be completed to support the probation process
• explain your role in the process, as the HR practitioner
Question 6:Describe how a SLA, signed between an external service provider, such as a recruitment agency, and Citistores, can facilitate the management and monitoring of the external service provider’s contract and ongoing performance.
Question 7:Explain the steps you would take to consult with line and senior managers in Citistores in order to identify the different human resources needs in their particular work areas. Include comment on how referring to information, such as demographic data and operational plans related to their business areas, during this consultation process, will assist in identifying the human resources services required.
Question 8:Briefly describe the ‘HR Balanced Scorecard’ as a formal method of gathering feedback and measuring the success of the delivery of HR services in an organisation, using your own words. Explain how the information collected may be used to evaluate and improve the delivery of HR services.
Question 9:Explain why is it so important to maintain confidentiality with information you receive in the HR Department. Include at least three examples of the different confidential information that the Citistores HR team might have access to, when providing HR services across the organisation, and explain how it can be protected.
Question 10.
a) Undertake online research and investigate the different human resource information systems (HRIS) available to organisations to gather and store information to support HR services. Compare the Citistores staff database to one HRIS you have researched and explain the main differences. Identify and describe, in your own words, the key functions offered by the researched HRIS which would provide the HR department with the necessary information and tools to deliver integrated human resource services across the organisation.
b) Draft a professional email to the contractor/service provider that supports the HR information system you have identified in (a) above and:
• Clarify Citistores’ expectations of the contractor’s role and responsibilities related to the design and implementation of the system, including the ongoing support required by our organisation after implementation.
• Advise them of the anticipated roles and responsibilities of the HR team and line managers in implementing and using the system.
• Request information on the costs of the system, as well as the opportunity for a demonstration.

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