Entrepreneurship and small business: start-up, growht and maturity

Please write about an innovative business idea of

1. ,,,,,(In particular, you should consider some of the newer options of funding available for start-up businesses

2. evaluate the funding options, identifying those you believe would be the best for your start-up business. in your evaluation you should consider what you will need to invest in before you start trading, as well as what funds you will need to have in the first 12 months of operating your business.

3. A 2 year cash flow projection wil be needed

4. Identify the main concerns you might have in ensuring you get the right funds at the time and show clearly how you would address these concerns

Please use 5 sources, SWOT analysis etc.

References to add:
Entrepreneurship and small business: start-up, growht and maturity
Paul Burns c2011
Entrepreneuship: a global perspective – stepehen roper 2013
The lean start-up: how constant innovation to create radically successful businesses – Eric Ries c2011

1. please write it as if it is to customers
2. please use evidence to backup argument
3. if use example please use best practice of industry
4. swim lane
5. whta will you do differently? value/ scalable? sustainable?


Approximately 250 words