Explain and identify various types of pollution control.

b) Click on the Assignment Tab t Show more a) Study the environmental economics appendix from the text book. b) Click on the Assignment Tab to access to the questions. Read the questions carefully and then respond to each question individually. c) Each answer must be about 3-4 paragraphs typed excluding the required graph. d) Prepare the assignment on the word document and then upload the document into the assignment folder.Note. Students must submit the assignment individually; this is not a group assignment. 1. Explain and identify various types of pollution control. 2. Describe the Marginal damages function and show the structure of marginal damage functions on a graph. 3. Define the abatement costs and show the abatement cost function on graphs. 4. Determine the socially efficient level of emissions show the marginal damage and marginal abatement cost to demonstrate different pollutants. 5. Suppose air-pollution-control authorities in California propose to control mobile-source emissions by requiring that 10 percent of all new cars sold in California be electric. Contrast the different perspectives that would be involved in analyzing this proposal with: a) Economic impact analysis b) Cost and benefit effectiveness analysis. Please Email an copy of the answer to 398372866@qq.com Thanks Show less


Approximately 250 words