Explain any TWO challenges faced by the organization in achieving company’s Marketing goal.

Assignment Task
Please read the following scenario
The Background
The Mullins Company had been trying to create advertising to market their new mop.
This mop is a technological breakthrough with the ability to resist stains, odour, and bacteria. The mop could be submerged in a pail of water and all the grime would come off in the pail. Grime in the pail would not adhere to the mop no matter how dirty the water got.
Toluwa Adnike, the president, told the company’s four department heads he wanted the best person from each department to work on a marketing committee for the new mop. Toluwa felt if all the departments worked on the project then all the departments would feel a sense of ownership and involvement.
Operations sent Davido Banks, an up-and-coming, manager, who was outgoing, logical, decisive, and intuitive. Davido was a no nonsense and getthe-job done type of individual.
Marketing sent their star, Tokunbo Jegede. Tokunbo was a popular, hands-on, passionate, flashy, and quick acting individual. He was often referred to as a mover and a shaker.
The design department sent Zainab Smith to the committee. Zainab was shy, sceptical, caring, and cautious person. She was very creative and highly professional.
The engineering department sent Gloria Brown. Gloria was an intuitive, needsto-see for herself, logical thinking, and careful individual. She was a first rate engineer and always strived to do things right.
The Meeting
When time came for their first meeting, the conference room was set and Toluwa knew that his hand-picked team would come up with some great ideas.
Davido opened the morning meeting.
Davido said, “Let’s get on with this. I don’t want to take all day with this.”
Tokunbo chimed in, “Davido is right and I have just the plan we should follow right here.”
Davido retorted, “What do you mean you have a plan? We haven’t done anything yet.”
Gloria jumped in, “I think we ought to sell the mop on its technical merits as the best cleaning device ever. I have the test data right here.”
“Who needs test data?” Tokunbo replied. “What we need is sizzle and test results are not sizzle. I want to show you all how to sell something. I want to put the mop in the hand of a young attractive model in an evening dress mopping the floor.”
Zainab finally jumps in, “Your idea is crass, degrading to women, and unrealistic. We need to take our time and be creative on this promotion. I have lay-out designs that we can use. People will love to see the features of the mop in these multi-coloured drawings.
Tokunbo fires back, “You know what you can do with those drawings and your bad attitude. Nobody wants to see your drawings. That is just one dumb idea.”
Davido trying to restore order, “I am taking charge of this meeting. So, everybody sit down and shut up. I want this wrapped up and on Mr. Adenike’s desk by end of today. We need to stay on task.”
Tokunbo shouts back, “Just who put you in charge? Why should any of us listen to you? You think that you are better than the rest of us.
Davido replies, “I am certainly better than a hot head like you and someone needs to take charge.”

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Zainab said, “I still think we should take our time on this and do it right. I think we should see everyone’s idea and try to work together.”
After going at it all day, the group had accomplished nothing. The ideas that had been presented were lost because they had even forgotten to take notes.
The Feedback
After going back and forth all day on how the mop should be sold to the public, the members left the meeting fed up with each other with no real solution in sight. News of this got back to Toluwa Adnike and he called a meeting of his department heads.
Toluwa started the meeting by commenting, “I thought I told you people to send me your best employees. What I ended up with was a bunch of losers that produced absolutely nothing in a day’s time. Where was all this brilliance you have been promoting within your staffs?”
There was a good minute of silence until Ralph, the operation department head spoke.
Ralph said, “Davido is the best person I have and if things broke down, it wasn’t his fault. He must have been working with the wrong people.”
Suzzane, the head of the design department, responded, “I can assure all of you that Zainab is my best employee and it wasn’t’t her fault that things did not get done.”
Temitope, the head of engineering, chimed in, “It couldn’t’t be Gloria’s fault. She is top flight engineering and I will stand behind her 100%.”
Emeka, the head of marketing, responded, “Tokunbo is the best sales and marketing man in the business. He knows his stuff and couldn’t be the problem.”
Toluwa closed the meeting and sent the heads back to their departments. He could not believe what the department heads had said. He just knew that someone must be at fault for the failure of the meeting. He was both mad at the failure of the meeting and was baffled by his employees.

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Toluwa has approached you as a senior consultant for advice:
Task 1
A) Using Myers Briggs theories identify the different types of personality in the Marketing meeting and briefly explain which would have been useful to get the most of the people involved. (300 words)
B) Critically explain using the Attribution Theory how you think Toluwa, Ralph, Suzzane, Emeka, and Temitope perceptions of each other have resulted to an unproductive meeting. (300 words)

Task 2 Modern management has emphasized the importance of team work to achieve organsiation goal. However, due to individual differences, it could prove difficult, if not managed appropriately. Managers are expected to manage difference through communication, training, motivation and job allocation.

In relation to the above statement, explain any FOUR ways in which managers should manage individual differences at work. (600 words)

Task 3 In any organisation, each department is expected to work together to achieve the organisation’s goals. However, this might not be best achieved due to challenges which may arise.

A) Discuss how each department can contribute in achieving the Strategic goal (Marketing goal) set by the organization.
Students should first consider the key functions of each department provided in the case scenario, and then discuss how they work together to achieve the strategic goal (Marketing goal) set by the organsiation.
B) Explain any TWO challenges faced by the organization in achieving company’s Marketing goal.
Students should identify any TWO relevant challenges, for example; Functions, structure, communication, personality differences, resources, unclear strategic goal, people’s motivation and so on.


Approximately 250 words