Feminine Mystique impact society and women?

minimum of 200–250 words The perception and reality of women’s sexuality underwent radical changes in the early decades of the twentieth century. As more women worked and birth control became available, relationships between men and women were redefined. The media, including magazines and movies, reflected these changes, but also may have influenced them. Question 1: What impact would the media, including magazines and television/ movies have on changing notions of sexuality? Question 2: Why was birth control so important in changing the lives of women? How did race and class affect access to birth control? Question 3: In 1963, author Betty Friedan wrote a pivotal book condemning the media, educations, and culture as a whole for creating an atmosphere that essentially codified domesticity as the appropriate role for women. How did The Feminine Mystique impact society and women? What arguments did the author present concerning “conventional expectations about women’s proper roles?”


Approximately 250 words