How does this relate to economic policy.

This of course is a huge economic issue now Show more Write two pages on each question. A. Health care. This of course is a huge economic issue now with the attempted startup of Obama care. In your analysis here do not focus on the software issues. Those are technical problems and granted the system failed two weeks before release with 200 people signed on so it is pretty apparent that only the ego of the President caused it to still be released two weeks later with the proposition that it could handle 50000 people at once. Focus instead on the fundamental basics as it related to the simple principles you learned in microeconomics about resource allocation(take a quick look at chapter 2 for a simple review and numerous methods of saving life years and their costs for ideas). For example millions of people who were satisfied with their insurance have received cancellation notices from their carriers because their policies didnt meet Obama care requirements like pediatric dental care or maternity care. How does this interfere with the workings of a market system. How does this relate to economic policy. What would the classics say about the program. In general how have the principles you have learned in this course affected your views on this topic. B. In spite of continued expansionary policy on the part of the Federal Reserve unemployment is still around 7% of the labor force. We are fully employed when that number is 4.5%. How have various factors like minimum wage laws and union negotiations affected this rate. How have unemployment compensation and other social network programs affected it. How has this affected our federal deficit and debt. Again how have the principles you learned in this class affected your views in general. C. In general share how the things you have learned have changed your views on any current issues. Were there any areas in which you were enlightened from the things you learned. This topic is wide-open for you to discuss anything you like. Show less


Approximately 250 words