How does Willys dilemma in the play relate to his sons?

English Death of a Salesman
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Reflecting back on Willys actions and dialogue in the play do you agree or disagree with Biff? Why? What two (2) quotes from Willy Lomans dialogue in the previous two (2) acts supports your position?
How does Willys dilemma in the play relate to his sons?
How does Willys dilemma in the play and Willys relationship with his sons particularly with Biff relate to a larger theme in the play?
What two (2) quotes from Biff or Happy illustrate a similarity or difference between father and son?
Why is the idea of self-knowledge so important to the plays conclusion? How might the struggle of the plays characters with self-knowledge relate to you to an audience?
In an essay of no fewer than 500 words supported by no fewer than two (2) quotes each from two (2) different characters totaling no fewer than four (4) quotes from character dialogue analyze how the character of Willy Loman and/or that of his sons illustrates a larger theme of the play explaining how or why that theme remains relevant to audiences today.


Approximately 250 words