Many causes of bullying

Cause and Effect Essay on Bullying.
Write a cause and effect essay on bullying. Here is the start of one done by my daughter it just needs to be elaborated. This is also a sample of her writing. No need for big words since this is a middle school essay.

There are many causes of bullying but in my belief the 3 main reasons are that they want attention, they are jealous, or want revenge. Kids might not get enough attention at home so they will do anything to get the attention they want which leads to bullying. Another reason which i think is the biggest is jealously. Bullies get jealous of certain people and want to be better than that kid. The bully would try to make that person miserable and try to make them bad at everything so the bully can be better than that person. The last reason is that the bully wants revenge. The victim could have done something mean to the bully which caused them to start bullying. The bully could want to show the person how it feels getting hurt.

There are many effects of bullying like low-self of steam, depression, or suicidal thoughts or attempts. The first effect is that they can have a low-self of steam. Having that problem can make even more problems like social problems and many others.The second effect that can happen is depression. Depression is a horrible sadness that makes you feel trap. Depression can make you feel worthless which leads to many other things. The worse effect is suicidal thoughts or attempts. i believe this is the worse because bullying is a temporary problem when killing your self last forever.


Approximately 250 words