Qatar ocean aspects

I will attach all the instructions and i will attach the raw data. This is brief about what i want. i have requested data from Qatari Meteorology department and its raw data. just to let you know it is 2 different places and we need to compare between the two places. so that raw data need to be anylised
# Please use Harvard Reference Style.
# Please include pictures and tables where possible
# Please make a content list.
# I would like to focus on wave height , wave direction and wave speed. and make COUNTIFS and bell shape distribution.
# Use a method as “t-test” to test the significant difference between the two places and how confidence you think the different.
# please put the wave height , wave direction and wave speed Per Year Tables uploaded, in result section and analyse it.
# Write about the 2 places in terms of wave height , wave direction and wave speed.
# Please write an Overview about The Qatar ocean aspects
# Please Produce a hypothesis and a null-hypothesis which you think would be more appropriate.


Approximately 250 words