Savage on British Class Survey

The English is still to a native-standard please look upon that carefully and change accordingly

Edit all the sources make them Harvard style E.g (John 2012) without page numbers and chapters those should be at the end

Organization: Logically structured from introduction to conclusion, but check paragraph cohesion/unity. Also, ensure that everything you include in the essay is directly relevant to the topic.

* At the first paragraph state that ‘ in this paper i will be discussing relevance in 21st century Britain ‘ or anyway you like…

* Use a couple of insight sourcing/referencing e.g According to bla bla bla there is bla bla bla

** Check out Professor Mike Savage on British Class Survey try to include something about him mentioning the 7 classes..

check is the Scottish part of the essay necessary/relevant to my topic or not ?


Approximately 250 words