Short Business Plan

A business plan on developing Chinese fast food Vending machine in UK
develop a short Business Plan which will provide further details of your idea. The Business Plan will allow you to develop your ideas further and will include information on:
Vision mission objectives and values of the company;
Marketing research on the market competition and environment;
Objectives milestones and goals;
Risks and limitations of the idea;
The organisation leading team;
The resources required to support the idea;
Marketing and sales strategies;
Finances income and expenditure;
Legal and regulatory aspects;
You will be provided with a template which will provide a guide and reminder of the key information needed. However the idea and operation are yours. You can include any relevant information you wish as long as it clearly relates to the information requested. You also will need to be concise and ensure only essential information is included because you must include everything within the 3000 words limit


Approximately 250 words