The technical risk and architectural understanding are low for this effort.

Please use 12 point font and at least 1 ½ line spacing – Min of 2 pages and Max of 3 pages per question allowed for all three questions. This means your exam is between 6 to 9 pages long. By definition each page must contain a minimum of 250 words, and will be very strict on this requirement; figures and tables can be used, but must comply with 12 point font requirement.
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You must do your own work, not team effort.

Question #1 (50 points) Predicting Costs – CoSysMo is a detailed, systems engineering planning tool. It predicts person months by looking at size and effort factors. The SolarSPELL project at ASU needs your help in predicting how much it will cost to set-up SolarSPELL in Fiji, Comoros, Puerto Rico, and Tonto Creek Camp. In addition, your design contribution is realizing that while SolarSPELL has a functional Web server, you need to develop solar charging stations for the laptops and devices that access SolarSPELL in remote locations with no electrical grid power. They have past data for the “calibration” factor called “A” in the equation from previous projects. The resources you have to help you are

Please develop a CoSysMo prediction of person months (pm) required given the following data:

i. Previous performance against CoSysMo predictions that used an “A” = 1 are as follows:

Prediction using A = 1

125 pm

85 pm

105 pm

Actual PM Required:

150 pm

102 pm

126 pm

ii. Economies of Scale are nominal at 1.0

iii. Requirements are balanced between normal and difficult with 100 of each.

iv. Estimate the number of interfaces and decide how many are easy, normal, and difficult, and why you reached these conclusions.

v. We have only two (2) nominal algorithms to develop.

vi. Describe and estimate the number of scenarios that must be managed and decide how many are easy, normal, and difficult, and why.

vii. SolarSPELL has done something similar in the past so our understanding of the requirements is nominal.

viii. The technical risk and architectural understanding are low for this effort.

ix. Because of student help and instructor turn over at remote locations, continuity of our team has been low and must be addressed, but you need to validate these assumptions.

x. There are also other effort cost drivers, please estimate those and their level of severity, and show why.

(Hint: please use the CoSYSMo equation to express the final estimate instead of letting me guess wrong what you were thinking).

Question #2 (25 points) Post-Award Activity:

You bid the program with a budget of $24 million (BAC = $24 million) with a $2 million management reserve to be completed in 12 months. Although we know the expenditures will not be linear, let’s assume a straight-line relationship between time and budget for this exercise. At month 5 we find we should be at $10 million (BCWS) (straight-line plan of $2 million spent each month * 5 months), we have completed enough work to justify an expenditure of $8 million (BCWP) and our actual costs accrued to date are $6 million. (ACWP)

(15 points) Outline what you believe the status of the project is and interpret what the projections mean to you. Using only this cost data, how can you project time to complete?
(10 points) Outline what you believe the action plan should be to bring Project ASU in on-schedule, on-budget and meet the customer requirements.

Question #3 (25 points) – Understanding Total Cost of Quality and Risk: System Engineers are constantly trying to balance the cost of prevention and appraisal with the risk of failure.

For Apple’s iPhone X, is it time for ‘full panic mode’?

(25) Discuss what could be reasons for the low sale of iPhone X in terms of total cost of quality?


Approximately 250 words