What are some of the external benefits from such a policy?

I- The National Bureau of Economic Res Show more Discussions: I want a simple explanation for IIIIIIIV VVI I- The National Bureau of Economic Research in December 2010 reported a study which claimed that a highly skilled woman can lose anywhere from $230000 to $349000 in lifetime earnings by having children. What are the reasons that having children reduces womens earning so much? II- A December 13 2012 article in the Los Angeles Times Colorado River Water Supply to Fall Short of Demand highlighted the concern regarding the ability of the Colorado River the primary source of water for the greater Los Angeles area residents to fulfill the needs as the river continues to decrease in water flow. What happens to water prices if the supply of water a natural resource is fixed each year while demand continues to increase due to population growth? Can you find and describe similar examples around the world with other natural resources? III- In 2009 the Cash for Clunkers program was initiated to encourage consumers to trade in their old inefficient cars for a credit to buy new fuel-efficient cars. What are some of the external benefits from such a policy? IV The 2006 introduction of Google Docs an online alternative but compatible software to Microsoft Office forced Microsoft to develop new ideas to maintain its dominant market share. BBC News (May 12 2010) reported that Microsoft Takes Aim at Google Docs by introducing a new online component with its Office 2010 product that offers the same features as Google Docs but with the familiarity of the Office software format. Why would the ability of Google Docs to read and edit a file created using Microsoft Office potentially cause the price of Microsoft Office software to fall? In your answer also describe another situation in which companies producing network goods have used different competition and/or price strategies to go ahead of their competitors. V- According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury people in the top income quintile (20%) pay roughly 70% of all federal income taxes with the remaining 80% paying less than 30%. Further the bottom half of the population pays less than 10% of all taxes. Many politicians assert that they want to bring tax relief (presumably with the idea of redistributing income) to the middle and lower income families. Given this distribution of income tax payments would you support this type of policy? Why or why not? VI-Economist Steven Landsburg (New York Times January 16 2008 p. A23) made the point that bullying and protectionism have a lot in common. They both use force (either directly or through the power of law) to enrich someone else at your involuntary expense. If youre forced to pay $20 an hour to an American for goods you could have bought from a Mexican for $5 an hour youre being extorted. He also argued Surely we have fellow citizens who are hurt by those [trade] agreementsWhat do we owe those fellow citizens? The United States has programs to educate and retrain workers displaced by free trade agreements. Do we even owe them that? Why or why not? THANK YOU! Show less


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