What do I need to keep track in the Translations4All database?

The diversity of the population in your area continues to grow at a ver Show more The Translations4All case. The diversity of the population in your area continues to grow at a very fast pace. People of varied cultures languages and dialects have proliferated and living within the geographical Northeast region of your State. You recently completed research for determining the demographic population in the area. The results of the research showed and confirmed the premises that you had about the growth of this diverse population. In addition a preliminary analysis about the available linguistic translation approaches revealed that for example none of the major software programs are sufficient and they normally cannot translate accurately to other languages words or phrases within the context of the language that is been articulated. For example the street sign that reads Dead End means in Spanish Muerto al Final ([someone] dead at the end) or an even more popular axiom that appeared on a bulletin board in one of the busiest arteries in Central America that read: Si no te quieres embarazar usa plumas Parker which translates to English as If you do not want to become pregnant use Parker pen. Translators and interpreters often must explain obscure phrases or words in an archaic language. On the other hand handheld devices and online services having applications that provide direct translations do exist but although these services can be very helpful especially when you need to translate a few words or sentences they cannot replace the expertise of a professional translator. As a visionary and entrepreneurial spirited individual you have come to realize an opportunity to start a translation service business in your area. Having recognized the opportunities for starting a successful business you have decided to analyze and document the requirements of the business in terms of the type of services the business would provide. No financial analysis needs to be taken into consideration at this time but you are expecting to appeal for financial assistance from partnerships. The analysis stage that you are about to embark on will help determine the feasibility of such business. ASSIGNMENT: In this exercise ask yourself the following question: What do I need to keep track in the Translations4All database? Your responses to this question will provide an overall idea of the general tasks the database will eventually support a.k.a. the Mission Objectives. Your task here is to write down the Mission Objectives that you can identify during the self-interview process about the proposed business. Mission Objectives: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. As you continued to gather information about the potential venture you came across with one of your closest friend with whom you shared your business proposition. He suggested that you should consider completing a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis before considering starting any type of business. Perform some web search about this topic and fill out one Matrix for the business and one for yourself. The following link will be helpful preparing your SWOT Analysis: http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/worksheets/SWOTAnalysisDownload.htm Show less


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