What do you mean by Patient stratification post pharmacy?

Topic: Chapter 1 Introducing an Electronic Prescription to an outpatient multispeciality clinic in Dubai
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Chapter 1:
Remember that this organisational development (OD) project will have an organisational impact and contribute to improvements in your service . This work cannot be described as research (pg 8).
I advise you to follow the suggested headings for this chapter
1 Introduction
1.2 Organisational Context
1.3 Rationale (include here the Importance of the change and the expected outcomes pg 7.)
1.4 Aim & Objectives
1.4.1 Aim
1.4.2 Objectives
1.5 Role of the Student in the Organisation and Project
1.6 Summary and Conclusion
Page 6: Your aim statement is too long: remove the elements that describe education policy and procedures to leave a statement that says what you are implementing and why. (introduce electronic prescribing across the whole? hospital to enhance patients safety and quality of care.) . The preceding paragraphs will have given the rationale and context so the aim needs to be succinct and flow directly from the preceding information.
Objectives; Not clear to the reader what objective 3 means. What do you mean by Patient stratification post pharmacy? You should have explained your context and rationale for the change in such a way that this objective would be understandable to the reader. What is the relevance of Patient stratification post pharmacy in your context and within the change?
Page 7. Expected outcomes: Improve the references and expand the benefits of your improvement take a more managerial eye to situation beyond the mere outcomes of the project and adopt a wider more managerial perspective. Also 1.4.1 your first sentence is a direct quote from that article: please represent this correctly and cite the page number in the citation
Page 8. You are not conducting research: you are implementing a change in practice which is seen as Org Development. Please read the guidelines for your dissertation.
I advise you to look at the Science of Improvement as this is the appropriate approach to take for your Patient Safety & Quality
Improvement (QI) initiative
Author role in organisation and project Use the full title . the first sentence is too long and is poorly written.
Conclusion is poor and needs attention. Briefly tell the reader what has been said and its significance


Approximately 250 words