What is the name of the firm?

The assignment is to create your own firm explain chart and graph all of the necessary information Show more The assignment is to create your own firm explain chart and graph all of the necessary information in the production function. This can be anything that you like. It works best if you pick something you are interested in or model it after your place of employment or what you want to do in the future. In the past Ive see everything from tattoo parlors to cupcake producers to purse makers to breweries and pretty much everything in between. The only requirement for the output is that it has to be measurable. Since everything has to be measured in turns of costs and labor per unit it is easiest to have the product be a tangible good. In the case of the tattoo parlor the student was able to break down exactly how much ink paper cleaning solution pens plastic wrap electricity etc. would be used per artist on a 15 min interval. The great thing about this project is that you can put in as much as you would like and your grade is based accordingly. Here is the minimum that you have to do: 1. Tell the story of your firm. What is the name of the firm? What do you produce? Where is your market? You must have a minimum of 10 employees and output of at least 100 units per month. What are your inputs (capital labor and materials) and your output? 2. Short Run Production Function and Total Product curve. You will need words a chart and a graph here. Next be sure to do the same for average and marginal product of labor. Explain what is going on in your graphs. 3. Short Run Costs: List all of the costs associated with your firm. Separate them into fixed and variable costs. Add them up and get your total costs. Calculate your average costs and your marginal costs. You will need a minimum of two graphs here. One for your total costs (TC TVC & TFC) and one for your average/marginal costs (ATC AVC AFC & MC). 4. How much are you selling your product for at the profit maximizing price? How many units? What is your total revenue? What are your explicit & implicit costs? What are your accounting and economic profits (if there are anysometimes students realize that their firm would not work the way they have it set up. Thats ok sometimes businesses fail.)? 5. (Optional). Do the same for the long run. What are your returns to scale? Show less


Approximately 250 words