Which type of departmentalization MOST applies to Shine?

Question 1.1.At which of Alfred Chandler’s four stages of structural development does high product demand cause a crisis for a company? (Points : 1)

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Question 2.2.Management theorist Henry Mintzberg outlined five common parts of an organization’s structural configuration: the operating core, the strategic apex, the middle line, ____________________, and _____________________. (Points : 1)

support staff; subordinate workers

design analysts; technostructure

top-level managers; subordinate workers

technostructure; support staff

Question 3.3.Shine is a clothing manufacturer with home offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, factories in Bangladesh and Indonesia, and distribution hubs in China and Brazil. Which type of departmentalization MOST applies to Shine? (Points : 1)

strategic business unit

geographic region



Question 4.4.Brenda is an electrician with Bright Light Home and Business. Into which category of job does she best fit? (Points : 1)

semiskilled blue collar

skilled blue collar



Question 5.5.During the job design phase, who decides specific job tasks? (Points : 1)

share holders




Question 6.6.All of the following organizations would be very likely to use an organic organizational structure EXCEPT (Points : 1)

Blank Walls, an advertising agency

Wonderlight, a manufacturing plant

Smith & Gerot, a management consulting firm

Rough Draft, a graphic design group

Question 7.7.What is the first key activity in completing an organization’s structure? (Points : 1)

developing a product

establishing a market

defining a consumer base

drawing lines of authority

Question 8.8.A manager’s span of control refers to (Points : 1)

how many subordinates she oversees

what departments she supervises

what expertise she brings to her position

how long she has held her current position

Question 9.9.Geographic area departmentalization is also known as ___________________ departmentalization. (Points : 1)





Question 10.10.Jim is the owner of a fried chicken restaurant chain that has more than 10 franchised locations in the Northeast. Which type of departmentalization MOST applies to Jim’s company? (Points : 1)

geographic region


strategic business unit



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