Why do you think people have responded so well to the program?

which ex Show more After watching the video OMG! Meiyu Introduces China to American Slang Idioms and Jay-Z which examines a new approach to learning a foreign language one that focuses not so much on traditional instruction and memorization but instead involves relating to students on their level using a combination of spoken and unspoken language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6hE5XzqfhQ Answer the following questions Discuss the importance of language as part of culture. What are the main forms of language? How can knowledge of a foreign language improve an individuals understanding of a foreign culture? Why has OMG! Meiyu been so successful in China? Why do you think people have responded so well to the program? Do you think it holds the same appeal for older Chinese as it does for younger students? Why or why not? How is Jessica Beineckes approach to teaching a foreign language different from traditional classroom programs? What are the benefits of her approach? What advantages could it give to a Chinese business person working in the United States? Some argue that because English is becoming the language of business it is no longer important for English speakers in business to learn foreign languages. Do you agree? As an English speaker why might you consider learning Chinese Mandarin? Show less


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